Customer Help Page

What if I need a refund?
We expect you to have 100% satisfaction, but are happy to help if you need a refund!

Pre-Delivery Date: If it’s 36 hours before an order delivery date, and you no longer need an order, please contact MarMo on our Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to cancel the order and issue a refund.

If it is within 36 hours of the delivery date, refunds may depend on the vendors cancellation and refund policy. Unfortunately same day cancellations will not be refunded.

Post-Delivery Date: If you got your product and aren’t happy, we’re here to help! Notify the vendor within 24 hours of the delivery, and tell them about the issue (typically a photo or phone call with will suffice). The vendor then has the discretion to refund your order based on their refund policy.

For perishable items, the vendor may request to collect the refunded items prior to issuing a refund directly. Please note, if perishables are disposed of prior to the refund, the vendor may refuse to refund part or all of the order.

What are MarMo’s fees?
MarMo charges a 3.6% processing fee per transaction to customers at this time. This is based on the order total not including taxes & shipping, and is included in the transaction total.

I don’t see something (product or feature) but really want it — what now?
Tell us about it! Go to our Contact Us page to give us feedback.