About MarMo Wholesale

MarMo Wholesale enables businesses and partners who want to buy enbulk to purchase wholesale items.

If interested in buying wholesale, you must apply to become a wholesale customer here .

Also, if you are interested in MarMo’s Wholesale but are:

  • Unsure you can meet delivery minimums or;
  • Don’t have time to coordinate wholesale or;
  • Are unsure what vendors or products to choose?
  • MarMo can help! Simply submit the Wholesale Discovery Form with the goods you’re looking for, the schedule and quantity you need, and we’ll work with our Wholesale vendors to put a proposal together for you and your business.

    How MarMo’s Wholesale Discovery works: If you need 3 blueberry muffins on a Monday, but no seller will deliver for such a small quantity, submit the Wholesale Discovery Form and we’ll coordinate within our vendors to try and find an existing order of blueberry muffins on a Monday that we can append your 3 muffin order to. In this way, we can make the total order meet the sellers minimum so it’s worth the delivery for them, and you can order your 3 blueberry muffins at wholesale pricing.

    Please note wholesale prices are subject to quantity minimums, and Wholesale Customer profiles are unable to order regularly priced / quantity items. Because of this, we recommend if you wish to continue purchasing MarMo’s regular retail goods, that you register a second email for your Wholesale account (usually a business email).

    Wholesale is offered through each individual vendor, terms and conditions of wholesale is tied to the individuals stores, and are typically listed on their vendor profile.

    To see some of MarMo’s seller Wholesale prices, contact us to for a sample of wholesale goods and quantity minimums.

    Wholesale FAQ

    How do I place a standing order?

    If you wish to have periodic deliveries throughout the week, you simply choose the same product with separate delivery dates. At checkout, you will see the product added multiple times with different dates.

    Each vendor can set out how many days they are willing to take orders (e.g. 30 days out) so you will only be limited by their stock and availability.

    Alternatively, you can submit the Wholesale Discovery Form with your preferences and we’ll work with our Wholesale vendors to put a proposal together for you and your business. If you are unsure you can meet the delivery minimum, we’ll work with other Wholesalers to match your delivery date and amounts so that it meets the vendors minimum requirement.

    How do I know the quantity minimum?

    This is typically included with the product description.